Quick & Easy Prawn & Halal Chorizo Penne

Pasta. My go to quickie meal when I’m not feeling for masses amount of starch or effort. One of my fave combos are prawn and halal style chorizo sausage. If you haven’t checked out my skewers using this delicious combo check it out here.

This recipe is so quick and easy, great for school nights and busy days, yet full of flavour. I love the sweet subtlety of the prawns together with the spicy garlicky sausage, in rich & creamy tomato sauce and a topping of oozey mozzarella cheese, its lip smackingly good!

A.E x


(Serves 4)

▪️1 small onion (chopped)

▪️ 1 yellow bell pepper (sliced, optional)

▪️300g frozen prawns

▪️1-2 halal chorizo link/s (sliced)

▪️1 tsp smoked paprika

▪️400g uncooked penne pasta

▪️400g chopped tomatoes

▪️300ml liquid stock

▪️½ tsp dried thyme

▪️dollop of double cream (optional)

▪️Handful of shredded mozzarella to serve.



-Heat some olive oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Start with softening the onion & bell pepper, then add prawns till thawed and pink.

-Add the chorizo and the paprika and stir till aromatic.

– Stir in the pasta, stock, chopped tomato & thyme. Bring to the boil then reduce heat to med-low.

-Cover and cook for 10-15mins, stirring often to avoid pasta sticking. For a more thick sauce cook uncovered for a further 5mins, add double cream at this stage.

-When pasta has cooked plate up and sprinkle that bad boy with mozzarella!



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