Korean seafood pancakes & dip

I was out with a few lovely sisters for a meeting on a nice cool day, the meeting finished and we were all feeling a little hungry. They suggested to eat at a quaint little korean place not far from Tottenham court road called ‘Seoul Bakery’. They’d tried and loved this place many times before. I had no idea what foods they served and if I would even like it, but being the open-minded adventurous little one that I am, I was in.

We got to the place and it was teeny, but boy can looks be deceiving, the portions were generous, the flavours packed a punch and every dish was easy on the pocket. It really was an education for both mind & mouth as I learned about many of the intricate dishes  (we ordered more or less everything off the menu). 

Now one dish in particular stood out to me and I wanted more of it; a delicious & simple seafood pancake. So when I got home I did a little research on authentic recipes to make this pancake, I gave it a shot in my own kitchen and it was outstanding (if I dont say so myself).

It was so good I had to share it with you guys. We all like a breakfast pancake but you’re gonna LOVE this seafood pancake and not to mention the dip, ahhh the dip so easy yet so divine, the one is nothing without the other. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the party that shall commence in your mouth when you take a bite of this beauty.

A.E x

What you’ll need for the pancakes

(makes 4 pancakes)

▪️ 280g plain flour

▪️pinch of Salt & pepper

▪️ 450ml water

▪️ 5 spring onions (cut in to matchsticks)

▪️ 500g mix seafood (chopped small)

▪️ 2 beaten eggs (optional)



-Mix together the flour, salt & pepper and the water to make a smooth batter.

-Coat the onions in the batter and mix.

-Add some oil to a pan on med-high heat. With a ladle scoop some of the batter mix in to pan and spread evenly, scatter some of the seafood on top  (you will do this for each pancake).

-Allow to cook for about 8-10mins per side or till batter is cooked. Before flipping your pancakes add some of the beaten egg for extra shine and crispness (optional but recommended).


What you’ll need for the dip

▪️ 2tbsp soy sauce

▪️ 1tbsp rice vinegar

1tsp sesame seeds (optional)

▪️ sprinkling of green onion (chopped finely)

▪1tsp sweet chilli sauce (optional)



-Simply mix all the ingredients together to make an amazingly delicious dip for your amazingly delicious pancakes!


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