Kefta Tagine with Eggs

My family and I are very close & regularly get together for dinner every week, so when it was my turn to host, I had a mind blank….I didn’t want to cook the usual and wanted to try something new & different. I opted for tagine for mains and a key lime pie for dessert (next post). Mind you, my sister-in-law (my blog partner) is Moroccan and im cooking a tagine, for the first time, for a moroccan. Yeah, so I was a bit apprehensive but just went for it and she loved it, i think i have moroccan blood in me?!

My family really enjoyed this dish, I omitted some salt as we had two under 1’s eating the same dish.

Usually when I come across tagine recipes you need special utensils and you have to wait hours for your meal, but then I came across this recipe by the hairy bikers. Although I tend to lean towards recipes done by cooks with a background of that dishes origin, the hairy bikers cooked this in about an hour, in morocco, in Jmaa Elfna for actual Moroccans and they seemed pretty pleased with what they ate so i thought right I’m making this. I’d definitely make it again, no doubt.

A.E x

(Serves 4)

What you’ll need

for the meatballs:
▪️500g mince

▪️ 1 onion (chopped)

▪️ 3 garlic cloves (crushed)

▪️ 1tsp ginger

▪️ 1tsp cumin

▪️ 1tsp chilli powder

▪️ 1tsp paprika

▪️ Handful of coriander (chopped)

▪️ Handful of parsley (chopped)

▪️ 1 egg yolk

▪️ Salt & pepper

for the tagine
▪️ 2 tbsp olive oil

▪️ 1 small onion (chopped)

▪️ 2 tbsp tomato puree

▪️ 400g chopped tomatoes

▪️ 2tsp clear honey

▪️ 4 eggs

▪️ 200g frozen peas

▪️ Handful of parsley, garnish


– pre heat oven to 200c
-Meatballs: put beef, onion, garlic, spices, herbs & yolk into a large bowl. Season with salt & pepper and mix well.

-Knead to smooth paste. Roll in to walnut sized balls.

-Tagine: in a cast iron/oven proof pot heat olive oil & add onions, sweat to translucent.

-Add the meatballs and brown. Combine chopped tomato & tomato puree & add to tagine along with honey. Cover & simmer for 10mins.

-Add peas to tagine & stir. Carefully crack eggs on top. Place tagine in oven & bake till eggs are cooked (about 10mins).

Garnish with parsley and serve.

Goes great with rice, cous cous or bread!


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