Grilled Teriyaki chicken & beef skewers

My Beautiful sister-in-laws’ sister (does that make sense?) finally got married Allahumma Barek! and my sis-in-law and I organised a surprise bridal party and we had to plan absolutely everything; from the decor to the food.

We made juicy lasagna’s, onion ring burgers (inspired by buzzfeed’s tasty) and these meaty skewers. We wanted easy to eat food, that also fills a hole. It needed to be no fuss, quick and easy and these were delightful, and slight charring adds a barbecue-y flavour which is difficult to obtain without an outdoor grill. This is easily a crowd pleaser, full of flavour and easy to eat when you can’t fit 20 people around a dinner table.

A.E x

Makes 15-18 skewers

What you’ll need

1kg chicken breast (cubed)

500g beef (cubed)

150ml Teriyaki marinade

3 sweet onions (wedges)

3 red bell peppers (wedges)

3 courgettes (chunks)

200g mushrooms (halved)

200ml olive oil

2tsp minced garlic

1tbsp italian seasoning

1tsp dried oregano

bunch of parsley

salt & pepper

bamboo skewers



firstly begin by marinating the beef and chicken separately in the teriyaki for 20mins in the fridge.

mix together the olive oil, garlic, parsley, oregano, italian seasoning and salt & pepper together and marinate the vegetables too.

in the meantime soak the skewers in cold water (this helps avoid burning and charring)

in any order you like pierce chicken, beef and veggies on to skewer leaving som space between each ingredient to ensure even cooking.

***we started off with chicken, onion, beef, red pepper, courgette, chicken then mushroom. you can also do separate skewers too (one all veg, one all chicken etc)

place skewers in an oven proof tray and cook under the grill on high for 10mins turning them often.

serve & enjoy!

2016-07-07 18.35.36 HDR


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